• Atomic Fiction announced today the planned release our cloud-processing platform, Conductor. Conductor is a cloud-based task-processing platform that gives anyone, from the largest corporation to the individual in their garage, access to their very own, nearly ...


  • Congratulations to the entire Atomic Fiction crew for our Emmy nomination for Outstanding Special and Visual Effects on Cosmos! Incredible dedication and talent shown by all. Thanks Rainer Gombos, Addie Manis, Natasha Francis, Ann Druyan and Brannon ...

Into Darkness

  • A very special thanks to J.J. Abrams, Ben Rosenblatt, Roger Guyett, Ron Ames, Bad Robot and Paramount for the opportunity to contribute to Star Trek Into Darkness! Our favorite movie of the summer hands down, and ...

Flight Wins!

  • Congratulations to our very own Kevin Baillie, Ryan Tudhope, Jim Gibbs and the entire Atomic Fiction crew for winning a Satellite Award for Best Visual Effects on Flight! We’re humbled! Bob, Jack, Steve and Paramount, thank ...


  • Atomic Fiction is proud to have been chosen by Robert Zemeckis and Paramount Pictures as the sole VFX vendor on their Academy Awards contender, Flight. Over 400 shots were completed during our relatively short production schedule, consisting ...


  • Atomic Fiction recently teamed up with visual effects supervisor Karen Goulekas to realize the fantastic science fiction environments of Rian Johnson’s Autumn 2012 release, Looper. Our crew delivered top-tier art direction and matte painting for the original ...

Underworld 4

  • Check out the digital face replacements Atomic Fiction provided for Scott Speedman’s character in Underworld: Awakening. Our artists went from scan data to final, stereoscopic shots in less than 4 weeks. ...

Teddy Bear

  • The creative team at Atomic Fiction recently completed “Teddy Bear” an animé-inspired, post-apocalyptic vignette to demonstrate our end-to-end concept, digital character and hard surface pipeline. Yep — putting a digital character inside a badass, heavily-armed exoskeleton ...

    We just rendered our 10,000th job in the cloud and continue to lead the industry in finding new ways to cut costs.


    Our team believes that unnecessary barriers are the enemy of innovation, efficiency and collaboration.


    The character rigs and tools we have developed merge the best practices learned while developing games, commercials and feature films.


    We love tapping into raw talent and cultivating the next generation of Atomic Fiction superstars.

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"… the hairiest, scariest, most realistic and thrilling plane crash in movie history — a sequence that should be taught in film schools for decades." - richard corliss

"Atomic Fiction has figured out how to use cloud computing to its advantage, recently delivering 400 shots in only four months for "Flight," Zemeckis' return to live action. It's a biz model that's being viewed as the future of the industry." - bill desowitz